Advert sizes & pricing guide

Download PDF is the home for the new online listings of companies active in Point Lisas Industrial Estate and Port

It is the foremost online provider of news and information about the port and provides access to a variety of online services aimed at keeping those with an interest with the port up-to-date.

The website provides a unique opportunity for organisations who have not advertised before to target customers in this market sector.

Advertisers have access to a community of port and shipping professionals 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, enabling them to get their message, in front of the right people.

Advertising on this website has a number of benefits, you can:

• Target specific segments that are relevent to your product or services

• Track your advertising campaigns

Below you can identify the size of adverts that are appropriate for your needs, together with costs.

If you have advertised in printed media before, then you may have a full page A4 advertisement or a half page A5 and these have been translated into the relevant sizes.

When booking your advertisement through the website, you will select the relevant size of your advert in the drop-down and follow the steps to complete your advert placement.

Square button 125×125
AdRef: SB1212
US$375 per annum

Medium Rectangle 300×250
AdRef: MR3025
US$450 per annum

Leaderboard 728×90
AdRef: LB739
US$500 per annum

AdRef: PU7330
US$2500 per annum

Half banner
AdRef: HB236
US$650 per annum

Full banner
AdRef: FB476
US$750 per annum

AdRef: SK1260
US$900 per annum

Wide Skyscraper
AdRef: WSK1660
US$1200 per annum

Extra Wide Skyscraper
AdRef: EWS2460
US$2000 per annum

Half page
AdRef: HP3060
US$2000 per annum

Vertical banner
AdRef: VB1224
US$900 per annum

Vertical rectangle
AdRef: VR2440
US$1500 per annum

Advert sizes & pricing guide

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