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PLIPDECO has an integrated approach to management, certifications and interacting with tenants. Part of this is identifying, understanding and meeting the requirements of tenants’ processes, especially in the various leasing agreements, says Chief Internal Auditor Linda Nedd-Warrick.

“Our Estate and Facilities team listen to the requirements of our tenants, whether Port or Industrial Estate, and discuss with them what is allowed and what isn’t – all operations must satisfy our environmental standards and comply with our regulatory standards”

“We believe that tenants want to work with a company that sets strict standards and is compliant – and we also demand from our various suppliers and customers that they meet the same quality standards.”

Linda Nedd-Warrick, Chief Internal Auditor

Some tenants have been on the Industrial Estate for 30 years and undoubtedly the expectations would have been different when they first arrived.

“When it comes to the renewals of leases, there may well be additional demands. Of course, environmental regulatory requirements have become more stringent over the years. The environment is much more at the forefront today and naturally the public also wants to know that we are doing the right thing.”

PLIPDECO is proud to hold the ISO 9001-2015 QMS certification. The upgraded version of ISO 9001 puts more emphasis on risk management at all levels, requiring evidence of leadership commitment and evidence of risk-based thinking to determine what actions are taken.

“My role is to ensure that the management structure is in place to ensure that everything is planned, designed, documented and communicated based on our annual risk assessment process.”

PLIPDECO was certified for ISO 9001- 2015 by LRQA. An annual survey is required, and then a full assessment and audit every three years for recertification.

That, says Linda Nedd-Warrick, gives customers and tenants confidence in PLIPDECO’s commitment to quality.

PLIPDECO is fully compliant with the IMO’s International Ship and Port Facilities Security (ISPS) Code, Marpol and SOLAS. New regulations have led to:

•The operation of an automated weighbridge to comply with the IMO’s requirement that all export containers are weighed

•The operation of two container scanners to comply with security requirements.

Operations are meticulously planned and monitored according to the latest risk management regulations.

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